Coming as a surprise to all of us, we managed to spontaneously arrange new meeting after about five minutes of group conversation on USK SERBIA FB page. Once again the credit goes to Dunja for instigating, and to Svetlana and Martijn for their obvious enthusiasm. I had to take care of my broken-down laptop, so didn’t even believe I would make it.

But I somehow managed and got there on time. Svetlana and Martijn I saw in person for the very first time, but soon we were discussing our potential hunting ground and settled for the shade of side terrace of St. Mark’s church.

As always, it was inspiring to watch how various personalities and styles produced different impressions of the same spot. Martijn saved me by lending me his Arches watercolor block, as due to all the hustle about broken laptop I managed to forget my sketchbook 🙂

As is now almost a tradition, we ended this meeting with a small photo session and group exposition of our work. Looking forward to the next one!