With spring just around the corner, I’m trying to get back my sketching routine, but it’s still too cold to sit outside. So I opted for yet another session in cafe I stumbled upon while roaming the streets.

Two things went wrong: the first that my eyesight is failing and I was too far from the desired subject, that Venetian mask on the wall, to actually distinguish the details, so I went with wider composition. It might have been a good solution if the light in cafe, as the sun went down, didn’t became so dim that I barely saw what colors I picked and put on page. It would have been a challenge for a much stronger eyesight.

The photos that show the ambient are lightened up, it was much darker inside. But, a rare thing these days, in this cafe they played the music from the eighties, so although I’m not happy with the result, at least I drew along hits from my youth, ranging from Fire Inc to Laid Back to Laura Branigan 🙂