VISION 2020 – 08 – PARLOUR

Continuing with Cameraderie forum joint effort for regular shooting in January; on this eighth day, I went for the groceries this morning; still no snow here, but it’s very cold and my enthusiasm for photo-hunt soon dropped bellow zero too… Still managed to come back home with a few compositions from which I choose this one – not much of a shot to speak of, except that it has a certain intrigue for me personally: way back in 70ies my father used to shoot with his Porst film camera and later project those slides via a manual lamp-projector on the wall of our living room, for my sister and me to marvel over them. I haven’t seen any of those for at least 30 years, I’m not sure if they really looked similar to this, but in my memory they are close to this color, tonality and atmosphere. Shot with Minolta MD 50mm f.4 lens mounted via speedbooster on Sony A6000; 4 frames stitched in total: