It turned out I forgot about one page at the very beginning of my Perfect Sketchbook, so this morning I went for the very last round of sketching in it. I felt inspired to make a smooth piece, but as I finished drawing and wanted to pass to watercolors, I found out I forgot my brush at home 🙁

In bag I had three synthetic reservoir-brushes filled with fountain pen ink: De Atramentis Gold, Havanna and Sepia; there was a time when I worked with them, hoping for a portable and efficient kit to sketch, but eventually abandoned that approach. Today I remembered why, as when I started painted, again they were too wet, but even worse, totally unpredictable – for a moment some dry-brush effects are possible, but then again it turns to a hose, to a point that one even dropped a spot on paper 🙁

Not the best way to finish in style, but it was what I had with me. Now it’s time to start a new sketchbook.