I’ve been traveling a lot in France and came back with a card-load of potential panoramas 🙂 As the schedule and obligations were demanding, I decided to go only with my Minolta 55mm lens and speed booster – I know that 100mm would give creamier results, but it was to big and to heavy for already overloaded bag.

So here are the first two images, impressions of the beautiful fountain of Medicis in Luxembourg park in Paris. Although the first pano has a more pronounced effect, I still kind-of prefer the other for the overall atmosphere and canopy that surrounds that beautiful spot.

Contrary to laid-back mood I finally got in panoramas, the place is always well frequented and I had to repeat individual frames, some even for several times, in order to avoid movement in the frame. Both shot with Minolta 55mm f1.8 mounted via speed-booster on Sony A6000; 35 frames stitched in total for the closer and 25 frames in total for a wider view.