I made this drawing on purpose, to illustrate the qualities of PLATINUM 3776 SOFT FINE nib and demonstrate it’s springiness. While not a flex nib in the vintage sense of the term, it still can provide some line variation, especially in the finer register of spectrum.

You can easily pull the hairlines with it (as seen in the spots on the scarf and wrinkles around the eyes) and push it to some extent (like deeper folding in the drapery). Someone might jump at this with a “you can get more line variation from Noodler’s AHAB or KONRAD”… and while it is true considering just the extreme width of the line, PLATINUM is so much more pleasant to work with, supple to spread as much (or as little) as it can and always prompt to snap back. On top of all that, it’s a solidly built and truly reliable pen that never failed to start or perform. Makes me wonder how higher-end NAKAYA pens perform if this entry level pen is this charming.